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Hi! We're the Craigs.

We are so thankful to call Graham, TX our new home! After living in the Dallas area for the last decade, we are excited to not only return to our rural Texas roots, but to finally be living near our family: our daughter Kelsey, her husband Dr. Ryan Easterling, and their twin daughters Lily and Layla, and our daughter Kaylee, her husband Ethan Lazor and their daughter Camilla. ​ ​


We have often been described as EXTRA, but that is perfectly fine with us! We love to take the ordinary - whether it is food, event planning and coordinating, gifts, or design - to EXTRAordinary. Our goal is to produce spectacular celebrations that are unique, thoughtful, memorable, and go beyond what you could have hoped for or imagined, bringing the WOW factor with every endeavor! ​ We look forward to collaborating with you to make your next meal or event astonishing! ​



Dwayne & Ronda


Our Family

This August we celebrated our 34th anniversary. We are Texas-born and raised and wouldn't have it any other way!

We play many roles:

Mom & Dad, Lolli & Pop, Caterers, and Party Planners to name a few.  

We are incredibly blessed and thank God for the gifts He has given us!

Our lives are full of all that we love

- our faith, family, friends, food, and fun, and we adore celebrating it all!


We hope you'll join us!

Meet Our Girls

Our beautiful daughters are

Kelsey and Kaylee. 

Known to each other as "Sista Q", our girls are best friends, an incredible team, unbelievably talented, and our continuous motivation to be better and do better!  Although they are quite different (as most sisters are), they have a few things in common in that they love their family fiercely, are brilliant teachers, and their creativity is astounding!  


By the way, we are their parents, so it's ok to brag, right? We certainly hope so, as we could not be more proud!


The Easterlings

Kelsey, her husband Ryan, and twin 5-year-old daughters Lily and Layla live in Graham, TX.

Kelsey graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU) with a BFA in Theatre and married her high school sweetheart, Dr. Ryan Easterling in 2016. Ryan has a family medicine practice with Graham Medical Associates. 

Kelsey took a break from teaching and directing and has grown quite the following on social media focusing on motherhood and everything girlmom!

We always loved our Easterlings and now thousands of followers have grown to love watching the twin craziness over the years!


The Lazors

Kaylee and Ethan also live in Graham and celebrated their 5th anniversary this July.

Kaylee graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Originally a 1st grade teacher for Plano ISD, Kaylee has continued that work in Graham.


In addition to working with Excel Pump and Supply, Ethan enjoys volunteering with the youth ministry at Highridge Church, Graham.


They welcomed their sweet daughter, Camilla Day, in March of last year and we cannot get enough!

With the addition of a third granddaughter, we are destined to be girl-grandparents! We could not be more proud of the Lazors, and look forward to watching them grow.


Lily & Layla

Our twin granddaughters Lily Kay and Layla Marie are growing up so fast! We love them more and more every day. Being Lolli and Pop to our gorgeous blue-eyed girls is what we were called to do!

The girls recently turned five and love being Kindergarteners, learning, coloring and crafts, being read to, all things princess, performing, and their family.

Twins do not run in our family so we were quite stunned when their arrival was announced!  Sometimes being "extra" is our choice and sometimes we're just as astonished as everyone else!

We don't know why God has blessed us so abundantly, but we are so incredibly thankful that He has!


Camilla Day

Camilla Day is the newest edition to our family. She turned one this past spring, and we love her growing personality.

She loves her books, animals, music, and giggling with her family.

Her best friends are, of course, her cousins Lily Kay and Layla Marie. We are so blessed with their bond and expect them to be lifetime besties.

We feel so blessed by the joy Camilla Day brings to our family!

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