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2020 Holidays Part 1

2020 has been quite a year thus far, but these unprecedented times haven't stopped us from celebrating January through June holidays Confetti Affairs style.

Sure. On New Years Eve we had absolutely no idea all that 2020 would hold for us! Yet through the pandemic, our school and theatre season cancellations, and our 77-day quarantine, we managed to find a way to celebrate each holiday in true Craig fashion: EXTRA!

“We managed to find a way to celebrate each holiday in true Craig fashion: EXTRA!

New Year's 2020

As is now our tradition, we started off the new year at Kelsey and Ryan's home in Graham. We love this family time together: eating, playing games, eating, watching movies, eating, dance parties with our girlies, having a Craig Family Nailed It contest (another example of our family's constant need for competition), and, of course, eating. Our New Year's grazing board was the perfect addition to that party!

Lucky Charms

Our little girlies enjoyed our St. Patrick's Day Sweet Grazing Tray immensly.

His Favorite Things

We hated that all of Ryan's birthday celebrations were cancelled due to COVID, so we made a grazing board with as many of his favorite foods as we could fit. We basically tried to stick to his 5 major food groups: meats, spicy peppers, cheese, garlic, and deviled eggs. He loved it so much, this may need to become a tradition!

Hopping Into Easter Fun

Even though we were not able to attend church Easter morning or go to SugarMama and Poppy's (Dwayne's parents) home in Wortham, we wanted the day to be a memorable one for our family. Delivering goodies to the neighbors porches (social distancing style) and including all of our Easter traditions helped make the day more special than we could have imagined!

Cinco de Quarantino

Our family is all about celebrating with Mexican food! So when Cinco de May happened to fall on Taco Tuesday, we knew a fiesta was just what we needed!

Mothers Day Brunch

Dwayne put together a Mother's Day Brunch grazing board to celebrate the special day honoring the moms.

A Day to Remember

Memorial Day included a hamburger cookout, cupcakes delivered to neighbors, and plenty of red. white, and blue grazing.

Two Too Cute!

We are so thankful that Kelsey orchestrated such a magical day for our little princesses' 2nd birthday. Lily and Layla loved everything about their special day!

That Ties It Up!

We celebrated our dads with these adorable Father's Day cupcakes!

Now On To 2020 Holidays Part 2!

The 4th of July is just around the corner so make way for an explosion of red, white, and blue holiday fun!

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