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Cue the Confetti!

People say "extra" like it's a bad thing. For us, it's a way of life!

There's no denying it! We LOVE celebrations! Not just, "Oh, let's go out to eat to celebrate your birthday" - kind of celebrations. It's more of a, "Hey! July is National Ice Cream Month. Let's have a different flavor every day!" - celebration!

“We can't help but wonder why everyone else doesn't have confetti cannons exploding for their shindigs!.”

And since confetti seems to have been used to celebrate special events since Ancient Greece ( brilliantly explains the History of Confetti here), we can't help but wonder why everyone else doesn't have confetti cannons exploding for their shindigs! We hope you can see that cuing the confetti makes every affair memorable!


Wedding Celebrations

We couldn't let Kelsey and Kaylee say their I Dos without a proper confetti salute!

Kelsey's wedding took place at Ryan's parents' home on Lake Mexia. After a surprise flash mob (What?! Doesn't everyone have a surprise flash mob at their wedding reception?), brightly colored confetti rained down upon the happy couple. The look of pure joy on Kelsey and Ryan's faces will forever be one of our all-time favorite memories!

Kaylee and Ethan's wedding included a burst of white confetti falling as they were pronounced husband and wife. And, although she's pretty difficult to surprise, we couldn't let her reception go flash mob-less, so as the father of the bride toast concluded by celebrating our Dancing Queen, confetti reappeared to accentuate the festivities! Love those smiles beaming with happiness!


Gender Reveals

We had a BLAST (literally and figuratively) learning we would soon be welcoming two baby GIRLS at their gender reveal! Only Kaylee and our stage lighting technician knew the genders until it was announced with pink confetti and lighting. We're so thankful we thought to have a photographer ready to go to capture these moments. You can see that some of us were better at shooting the confetti cannons than others.


Birthday Parties

Confetti flowed once again to help Lily and Layla celebrate their 1st birthday! wasn't fun to pick it out of the lawn afterwards, but you can't deny the effect of the moment. Now we use biodegradable confetti for our outdoor celebrations (although Lily & Layla call it "a mess" and help us pick it up anyway).


Production Finales

As theatre directors for the past 20+ years, we still get chills when we see an audience leap up in ovation with confetti filling the air for the finale of a production!

While it seems to just magically appear, our company members know that the blast must be meticulously choreographed to have just the right effect!


Celebrating Celebrations

After a few too many bloopers in a dress rehearsal, we have been known to celebrate a celebration done right! These kiddos were actually jumping with excitement when the confetti went off at the precise moment we hoped for. Over the years we have learned that it is helpful to have enough supplies to practice with the cannons before that critical moment.

We hope we've made a believer out of you and you are ready to make your next event a Confetti Affair!

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