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Guest House Quarantine - Part 2

LolliPop Adventures with Lily & Layla

Entertaining toddlers takes a lot of talent and energy! Thankfully Kelsey is remarkable at planning engaging, educational, and memorable activities for the girls! We are blessed to have a family full of teachers and Celebration Specialists (as usual, feel free to translate that as: EXTRA) to help carry out a wide variety of unforgettable projects. And...what better way to spend our time together than dreaming up a few special events for our granddaughters?

Our Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru

They say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy Chick-fil-A and that's kind of the same thing. Graham, Texas is the perfect little town for our Guest House Quarantine, but the one thing that is missing is a Chick-fil-A (the closest one is about an hour away). Pop decided no child should be denied that luxury, so in true LolliPop fashion (Yup!...EXTRA), we created own CFA Drive Thru.

A Chick-fil-A menu, courteous employee, and chalk sign welcomed our little princesses' royal carriage for their lunch experience where they were served chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and lemonade from our version of the franchise's cups and paper bags. Was it the real thing? No. Was it perfect for our girls? Absolutely!

Fairy Tale Tea Party

 A Fairy Tale Tea Party seemed necessary when these cute little Cinderella and Aurora gowns arrived from Little Dress Up Shop.

From the moment of our baby girls' gender reveal, Lolli began planning future tea parties. We ordered this darling miniature porcelain tea set from the Mulberry Mill boutique in Branson, MO, but we have since found the same tea set on Amazon. The princesses enjoyed a simple menu of tea sandwiches, assorted fruits and cheeses, cookies, and of course, tea for their first Royal Tea Party. Lolli will continue to teach lessons of the ever important "pinkies up" technique.

The Ocean is Calling

When Little Dress Up Shop released these adorable Moana tank dresses, we knew Lily and Layla needed a party to celebrate (because every toddler needs parties! LOL!)! Because as Moana's father Chief Tui says, "There comes a time when you're gonna look around and realize happiness is where you are!" Even with the restraints and anxiety associated with the COVID pandemic, we were able to enjoy this precious time together as a family. Kelsey arranged a week of tropical craft, sensory motor, and learning activities for the girls and we ended the week with a Moana themed Luau. The girls enjoyed it all so much, the adults didn't even mind watching the movie (maybe for the 50th time...) together!

Garden Tea Party

You just never know where you'll find inspiration! When Kelsey scored these adorable teapot bubbles from a fellow twin mom's clothing purge, we HAD to have another tea party, right? Their new KidKraft picnic table set up by the little rose garden and Delton pink rose tea set created such a pretty tablescape, we continued the floral theme to the menu as well. They adored the daisy-shaped tomato sandwiches and cheese slices, strawberry rosebuds, and miniature strawberry naked cakes garnished with small white blooms! Evidently everything tastes extra yummy when it is blossomed shaped!

We pray that memories of this time period will not be overshadowed by the worry, pain, and distress of the pandemic, but instead remind our family of a time when the world stopped long enough for us to immerse ourselves in our granddaughters' imaginative world where fairy tales are brought to life and even the smallest details are celebrated!

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