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It's Showtime!

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Here are some things you probably already know about us:

  • We LOVE holidays! All holidays. Like..A LOT!

  • We believe that all holidays deserve to be celebrated.

  • We adore a good theme!

  • We have a tendency to be a bit "extra"...

....We know this information will not shock anyone who knows us, but we just need you to understand these things before we describe just how Beetlejuice-ish we can be!

The Ghost With the Most

We have always been fans of the 1988 film and now that the story has been adapted into a Broadway musical, you just know these two theatre directors are excited! We've always wanted to have a Beetlejuice-themed Halloween party!

As we were searching for inspiration for this party, we discovered Beetle House NY Restaurant's cookbook by Zach Neil, The Nightmare Before Dinner. Considering himself to be Halloween's Greatest Fan, Neil created a book that combines his passion for the holiday, food, Tim Burton's movies and motivating us all to believe in ourselves!

If you haven't already purchased it, you definitely should!

Go ahead...Do it now...We'll wait.

Cue the Confetti

To prepare for our event, we knew the perfect place to begin: the confetti! Wait? You mean not everyone begins their party preparations by contacting Brenda and Festive Fetti to order their customized confetti? Just us? Well, it certainly is a fun place to start!

Getting In the Spirit

Although we've been adding to our collection of all things black and white throughout the years, we headed to Amazon for balloons, tablecloth, table runner, Handbook and Coloring Book of the Recently Deceased, Beetlejuice life size cut-out, and black and white dishes.

Strange and Unusual

Our tablescape included a centerpiece we made from the discounted floral section at our local Kroger and black and white ribbon, hand-painted pumpkins, chalkboard coffins, hand-painted watercolor place cards and napkin rings, table linens, candlesticks, and our green Fiesta dishes added to the black and white motif.

Haunting Hangout

Beetlejuice loved hanging out at his very own cemetery for the evening, complete with headstones, pumpkins, balloon arch, and streamers.

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

The Dinner of the Recently Deceased's menu was to die for and included Sandworm of Saturn Pinwheels, the Deetz Shrimp Cocktail with Raspberry Cocktail Sauce, Beetle Bacon Bread, the Recently Deceased Glazed Pork Chop with Garlic Mash, Beetle Juice and Beetle Pie. It was all frightfully delicious!!

Ghouls Gone Wild

We hope you'll take some time to celebrate the fun that the season has to offer AND have a horrifically Happy Halloween!

Credits: Beetlejuice Custom Confetti by Festive Fetti Menu Inspired by The Nightmare Before Dinner Cookbook/Beetle House NYC Restaurant Watercolor Place cards, centerpiece, and graphics by Confetti Affairs

Dinner and Decor by Confetti Affairs

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