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Magic Mirror On The Wall

Tea parties with Lily and Layla are always our favorite times - especially when they are centered around one of our favorite princesses! Our fascination with Snow White may have begun with their mommy's Snow White 3rd Birthday Party, but we were thrilled when we saw the girls' reaction to meeting the princess during our trip to Walt Disney World last year.

The opportunity to celebrate Snow White with a special tea party was just too perfect to pass up!

In Honor of Our Princesses

Magic Mirror on the wall, who are the fairest princesses of all?

Why in all of the lands near and far, there are none so dear as Lily and Layla are!

In honor of our princesses, filled with kindness and beauty,

Lolli and Pop invite you to join us for your very own Snow White Tea.

Saturday, the 12th of September, at 11:00 o'clock on the Easterling Castle Grounds

Lily and Layla looked forward to the tea party for weeks, but they received their invitation and princess dresses that morning. Little Dress Up Shop's Snow White tank dresses were the perfect party attire! The girls loved finding their magic mirror invitations wrapped in regal gold boxes containing a bit of our enchanted forest. Snow White silhouettes cut from red glittered paper and ribbon adorned the invitation box and princess dress gift bags.

The Royal Table

Snow's tea table was draped in royal blue, yellow, and red sequin tablecloths and bedecked with gold glittered apples, red and yellow roses, remnants of the enchanted forest, and sprinkled with custom designed Snow White confetti from Festive Fetti. Each of the place settings included a white apple-rimmed plate atop a red charger, a porcelain yellow tea cup and saucer, jeweled magic mirror and an apple container holding a personalized Snow White bracelets from the Rainbow Mermaid.

Of course, every princess needs her own

throne. We painted each chair blue, added her highness' name, a red pillow (to help them reach the table), and yellow tutu skirting, and finally brought in one of Snow's feathered friends.

Our Snow White and Dopey Cottage Teapot has been a part of our kitchen since it was purchased for Kelsey's birthday 27 years ago. It was so incredibly special to be able to use it for our special tea party with our granddaughters.

Our Storybook Menu

Our tea courses began with our Once Upon a Time menu which included Wishing Well Muffins, Whistle While You Work Baked Pies, Sleepy's Monte Cristo Roll-Ups, Bashful's Caprese Bites, and the Dwarf Mining Co. Diamond Mine.

The Take A Bite, Dearie course included Queen's Cauldrons, Grimhilde's Sandwiches (apple-shaped tomato sandwiches - the girls' favorite), and Castle Candied Apples.

For our final Happily Ever After course we served Prince Charming's True Love Kiss Cookies, Snow's Tiny Treats (miniature customized cheese cakes from Tiny Tea Party, located in Frisco, TX -, and Dreams Come True cakes. The cakes were made by Tara Calzaretta from The Colony, TX.

Time For Tea

The princesses enjoyed Twining's English Breakfast Tea as well as their Wishing Well Water.

Magic Mirrors For All

Both girls adore making crafts, so they were incredibly excited to decorate their own magic mirrors. Our craft table was covered in a blue sequin table runner and was set up and ready to go with all of the supplies they would need to craft their own. We found these craft mirrors at Michael's and provided assorted rhinestones, OOLY Chunky paint sticks, OOLY Sparker watercolor gels, and glitter glue sticks for their masterpieces.

They Lived Happily Ever After

There is no better feeling than to see our Princess Lily and Princess Layla smiling, laughing, and enjoying our special family traditions, while making precious memories of their own. This is one LolliPop adventure that will forever live in our hearts.


Snow White Tank Dresses by Little Dress Up Shop

Snow White Custom Confetti by Festive Fetti

Tiny Treats by Tiny Tea Party, Frisco, TX

Snow White Cakes by Tara Calzaretta, The Colony, TX

Snow White Watercolor Picks, Banners, and Flags, gift tags by Confetti Affairs

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