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Pizza My Heart

It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is in 2 days!! We've had so much fun with Valentine festivities this year! So whether you need some inspiration for a last minute Valentine's party or want inspiration for next year, we've got you covered!

It's always fun to see how an idea takes shape. this case...a very round shape.😉 One of our good friends and devoted Confetti Affairs customer requested Pizza My Heart Valentine printables for her children's celebration. When we learned that February 9th was National Pizza Day, we knew we had to have a pizza the fun!

The wonderful thing about this party is the simplicity of the menu! Kids love pizza! Store-bought, delivery, or homemade or a combination of them all.

We were excited to learn that Pizza Hut and Papa John's both sell heart-shaped pizza in February.

You can also order a DIY pizza kit, such as the one from Blaze Pizza and our party package includes picks for all of your favorite toppings.

We added our own labels to these little Amazon boxes for personal pan pizzas.

Desserts included cookies, cupcakes and, of course, a cookie pizza!

Although the decor was a-dough-able, it was simple as well. A Valentine's balloon garland, the Pizza My Heart banner, a red tablecloth, some daisies, fresh tomatoes and bell peppers, and empty tomato cans. See? Easy as pizza pie!

So, there you go! Everything you knead to know so that you, too can have a slice of the fun! It's the yeast we can do!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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